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The Hottest of the Hottest.

Were hot and know it.

The hottest of the hottest.
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* Apply within 24 hours of joing or you will be warned, then banned.
* Put application under lj-cut, if you don't know how, find out.
* Put "i got the hots for you" in your subject line.
* Do not comment back to votes until accepted.
* If you argue, we will ban you.
* You may get rejected, and if you are you can re-apply in one week with new pictures.
* Voting will take 2-3 days, be patient.
* Only post application until stamped.
* Good Luck!

Single or Taken-

What do you think of...
the government-
the death penalty-

Real Quick...
5 bands you like-
5 bands you dislike-
Why should we accept you?

Promote us atleast once and provide link...

Atleast 3 pics, no more than 10. One body shot, please.

* Congratulations!
* Vote and promote.
* Must have a "yes" or "no" in subject line when voting or it won't be counted.
* "No" votes must come with a reason and it can't be that you are in a bad mood.
* Please participate in themes.
* Feel free to make banners and such.
* When promoting for somwhere else, put it under an lj-cut.
* Stay Active.
* Tell me if you are leaving.
* NO text only posts unless it goes with the theme.
* Promote Us! Take the ** out of the code to use the banners provided.

* It sucks to be you.
* Do not post.
* Come back in a week with new pics.
* Leave.

Friends Theme. anything and everything involving your friends and you of course! Have fun!

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