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Name- Salomé, but I go by Sunshine
Age- 17
Location- Northern Virginia
Gender- Female

What do you think of...
abortion- If women want the right to choose, I say choose not to have the sex outside of marriage that is risking health/hygiene, an unwanted pregnancy and may cause many other problems in your life with parents, friends , work, school etc. If it comes to rape or something like that and you can't afford to have the child, put it up for adoption and in anycase the same goes for an unwanted pregnancy. Every fetus/child/person deserves a chance at life and to have a loving home. Not only will 'you' not suffer the pain and guilt of killing, mudering your own child give him to a family who want a child.
drugs/alcohol- I'm against drug use becasue I know it can mess up your life, just like alcohol if you abuse it. I can't say I'm perfect and haven't drank before because I have.
the government- well, I like my president aka Geroge W. Bush. Government in general-- I know we need it to be the great United States we are-- but everything has it's ups and downs.
the death penalty- depending on the crime... but 'intentional' murder is def number one, I think rapists should be locked away for life. And in some cases to rot away in jail is better then 'letting them have it', the again we don't want extremely dangerous convicts still living among society today.
homosexuality - I believe it to be immoral, plain and simple. I have friends and know people who are gay, but I would never personally be in a relationship like that,

Real Quick...
5 bands you like- Linkin Park, Kutless, Yellow Card, Three Days Grace, Story of the Year *cough* Incubus *cough* Third Eye Blind :D
5 bands you dislike- Limp Bizkit, SOAD, Disturbed, Clawfinger, Nightwish

Promote us atleast once and provide link... I'll promote when I'm an official accepted member :)

Atleast 3 pics, no more than 10. One body shot, please.

ME & Danny <33
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