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ive got the hots for you


Name-Sara <3
Age- Sixteen
Location- Cleveland Ohio

What do you think of...
abortion- Im so against it. if ur not responsible enough to take care of a baby then you shouldnt be having sex in the first place.
drugs/alcohol-Against drugs. and I say for Alcohol its your life so go have fun and do what you want :-)
the government- ehh...goverment is a monkey rapist
the death penalty-It depends on the crime..
homosexuality- GAY PRIDE!! :-) lol yeah its ur life. whatever floats ur boat

Real Quick...
5 bands you like- Matchbook Romance, Sugarcult, Something Corporate, Story of the year,The Early November
5 bands you dislike-Flogging Molly, Coheed and Cambria, D12, Marilyn Manson *sry not a band*, Simple Plan
Why should we accept you? Because ill help promote a lot and i like gettin to know new ppl :-)

Promote us atleast once and provide link...

Atleast 3 pics, no more than 10. One body shot, please.

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