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I've got the hots for you

Name- Heather
Age- 17
Location- Missouri
Gender- Female

What do you think of...
abortion- I'm 90% pro life. I think the only way it's acceptable is if the woman was raped or her or the baby will die from giving birth or have a severe disease in which they will die soon.
drugs/alcohol- I don't do drugs, nor do I think people who do them are cool or worth my time. I do drink, only for special occasions though. I don't get drunk every night...I get my fun other places too.
the government- I think they come up with the stupidest laws. Like the one in LA that bans low rise jeans (I know that's not US government but still...), and the no gay marriage thing really annoys me. They have no right to tell people who they can and can't marry.
the death penalty- I'm for it, if the person murdered someone. An eye for an eye.
homosexuality- I have nothing against it, more power to them. Love is love. I don't think the government should tell people who they can and can't marry. They have bigger things to worry about.

Real Quick...
5 bands you like-
Third Eye Blind
Depeche Mode
A Perfect Circle
Franz Ferdinand
5 bands you dislike-
Good Charlotte
Why should we accept you? Because I think I would be a great asset to this community! I'd stay active, promote, and vote on every applicant! I'm honest, but I'm not mean about it. :)

Promote us atleast once and provide link... link

Atleast 3 pics, no more than 10. One body shot, please.

I'm the one in the green. Sorry I know I look bad.
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