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Oh my bloody scars


Name- Malaina
Age- 16
Location- Florida
Gender- Female

What do you think of...
abortion- I kind of fall onto both sides of this arguement. I think abortion should be there for people who need it, but if you had sex and got pregnant because you didn't protect yourself I dun think you should really be allowed to kill a human being. If you were raped or not capable of handling a child mentally or physically than you should have the choice.
drugs/alcohol- I don't do them, but if you do them then go ahead I won't stop you. If you are using them to ruin your life then yea I will try to make you stop. I hate people using things to abuse themselves it sickens me.
the government- I'm not really into Bush or Kerry. I can't stand either one. I'm not big on Politics, but in my opinion we need another Reagen
the death penalty- That's never crossed my mind. In my opinion I think that they should rot in jail knowing what they did.
homosexuality- I have no problem with gays. One of my really really close friends is gay and I love him. Him and his boyfriend are great. I love having a gay friend because they help you so much. I love him and I hope to hang out with him soon.

Real Quick...
5 bands you like- AFI, Blink 182, Nirvana, KoRn, and Dashboard Confessional.
5 bands you dislike- Avril Lavigne, Backstreet boys, N*stink(lol), Emery, and Hilary Duff.
Why should we accept you? Because I am hot to the core!

Promote us atleast once and provide link...

Atleast 3 pics, no more than 10. One body shot, please.

Closest thing I have to a body shot

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